Why ‘The Lord’ is dead and why we need more Christians in politics

“I am the Lord, the God of my children,” he said.

“You may not like what I say, but you cannot say I’m not the God I am.” 

The remarks came in the wake of the recent death of former US president Bill Clinton and the US Supreme Court ruling that upheld gay marriage.

He then went on to praise US President Donald Trump, saying he was a man who has “the heart of a lion” and “a great heart.”

“God bless the United States of America, and the United Nations.

I salute you,” he added.

The interview has been viewed nearly three million times.

A Facebook group called “The Lord is Dead” has been set up by the American Family Association and other conservative Christian groups to commemorate the end of the biblical figure.

“This is the end.

God is dead,” the post read.

“No more ‘The God of your fathers’ or ‘The King of Kings’ in the world.”

The group also posted a video of the interview, which it said was filmed at the “Presidential Palace” in the White House.

President Trump said in a statement that he was saddened by the death of President Clinton.

In a series of tweets following the interview on Tuesday, he said: “Sad to see the passing of President Bill Clinton.

He was a great American, and I have great respect for him and the American people.”

Clinton died on Sunday after a lengthy battle with pancreatic cancer.

Bill Clinton’s presidency has been marked by political infighting, the death penalty, and sexual harassment scandals.

His wife, former President Hillary Clinton, died of pneumonia in the US on Saturday.

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