Why is the Cleveland Cavaliers losing?

The Cleveland Cavaliers are a team that is trying to get better.

They need to be the team that pushes the other teams in the Eastern Conference to improve, they need to take some shots and they need some help.

They’ve been the team of the East for a while now, and that’s the main reason why they’ve struggled in the playoffs.

So, what has it done for the Cavs?

What is it going to take for them to really get better?

It’s been a difficult year for the Cavaliers, with their loss to the Indiana Pacers, which was just devastating.

The loss to Indiana is probably the most disappointing game in their history.

They’re going to miss the playoffs, which means the Cavs have no chance to advance.

If they win, they could end up in the postseason again, but that means losing the playoffs is just not realistic for them.

So far, they’ve lost three of their four playoff games.

That’s the worst start to a playoff season for a team in Cleveland’s history.

This year, the Cavs will have to be better than last year.

They’ll have to start winning more games and be able to win games when they’re not playing at a high level.

They have to make the playoffs if they want to be able do that.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that the Cavaliers could improve if they wanted to improve.


The Offense: The Cavs have been one of the worst teams offensively this year.

Their offense has been stagnant and they’ve been struggling to create shots.

They are averaging just 39.6 points per game this year, which is the second worst in the East.

They still get the majority of their points from three point range, but they’re averaging just 29.1 points per contest.

That is one of their worst numbers of the season.

The Cavaliers have been getting off to a bad start this season, so they’ll need to find some more offense this year if they are to really improve.

That starts with finding some more shooters, shooting guards and point guards that can play together and create offense for themselves.


The Defense: The Cavaliers defense has been terrible this year and it’s been even worse when you look at their defensive ratings.

They rank 27th in defensive efficiency.

That means they are allowing the third-most points per 100 possessions, which ranks them last in the league.

They also rank last in defensive rating, which can be a positive or a negative for a defense.

If the Cavaliers are going to be a good defensive team, they will have more help from their frontcourt and the bench.

The Cavs will need to bring some more depth to their defense this season.


The Offensive Balance: The Cleveland offense has struggled this year as a whole.

They were only able to score 109.3 points per team, which ranked 31st in the NBA.

This is an indication of how poorly they are shooting the ball this year from the field.

They shot a respectable 38.3 percent from three this year in their loss at the Pacers, but are still allowing just 73.3 shooting percentage from deep this year to rank 31st.

The best way to improve the offensive balance of the Cavaliers is to bring more scoring and more passing from their starters.


The Backcourt: The team is currently the most dominant unit in the Western Conference, with a team-high 19.5 wins in the standings.

It was also the best in the conference with a 12-3 record, which would put them in the top four of the West.

The team could make some noise in the West with a win over the Miami Heat on Tuesday night.

They should be able make a run in the series, which could propel them into the conference finals.

The frontcourt of Kyrie Irving and LeBron James could also make some big noise with a victory over the Clippers on Wednesday.

They could even have some breakout games in the second round against the Indiana Cavaliers, who have been the best team in the entire conference so far.


The Rookie Experience: Kyrie and LeBron have been together for a few years now, but the Cavs rookie core has been one that has struggled.

The rookies have been inconsistent and the team has been relying on them to make big plays and do their job on the court.

The rookie core is still learning together, and they’re struggling with that, but their experience could be one of those areas that can be improved.

The Cleveland rookie core of Kyri, J.R., Anthony Bennett, Kyrie’s younger brother and the veteran guard Brandon Knight have been in the same rotation all season, which has given them an opportunity to grow and develop together.

They can play in a 3-4 or 4-3 system and have the potential to be an effective starting unit if they continue to play together.


The Development: Kyri has always been one to try and get better every season

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