Which state’s biggest employers have the lowest pay?

KEMP’S PRESS CONFERENCE The state’s largest employers have a pay ratio that’s worse than it was at the end of the Great Recession, according to data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The state’s main employers pay less than the median wage in Queensland, and are paying less than their counterparts in other states.

More than a third of the workforce are in the lowest paid categories, including casual workers, students, low-paid staff and employees in private sector jobs.

But the most striking statistic is that Queenslanders are paying $18,818 per week on average.

And it’s not just the big employers.

The lowest paid workers include taxi drivers, carpenters, roofers and hairdressers.

Wages in WA, Queensland and Tasmania were also among the lowest in Australia.

There’s a real concern that Queensland is losing ground to other states, especially in the construction industry, where wages have risen.

WA, Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania are the states with the lowest average wages per capita.

In contrast, Western Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory are among the top four states in pay per capita, with median wages between $26,700 and $37,000.

AUSTRALIA’S BIGGEST WORKERSWA’S PROFIT SHARING The median annual wage in Western Australia was $21,600 in 2013.

This year, the median salary in Western Australian was $26.50, up by a whopping $13,600.

Across the country, median annual wages were up by $9,700 across the states and territories.

TASMANIA’s PAYMENT COMPARISONWA’s pay in 2013 was $25,000, which is a big drop from $26 and a huge increase from $23,500 in 2011.

If you were to compare Western Australia with other states across the country and the region, the average pay in WA would be lower.

While the average wages in WA are higher than in most other states it’s also more than double the average salary in other parts of the country.

ACTUAL SALARY WA’S WA median salary was $23.60 in 2013, which was higher than the national average of $22,500.

It’s also higher than other states’ pay ratios.

In Queensland, the pay ratio is $28.40, which would put it at the top of the table.

When you look at WA’s pay compared with other major states, it’s even higher.

WA pays the median for the first time in the past 20 years.

However, it has a very small pay gap compared to other areas.

Most of the pay difference in WA is concentrated in higher paying areas like regional WA and metropolitan areas.

WA has the lowest ratio of median salary of any state in the country with a median wage of $26K.

Queensland is second in WA’s median pay ratio, at $22.60.


It’s not the only area where the median pay gap is high.

Other regions in the ACT have also seen wage gaps between the highest and lowest paid.

These include the Gold Coast, the Southern Highlands and the Central Coast.

Western Australia’s median salary for the last five years has been around $25K, which means that wages are higher in the Sunshine State than in the Northern Territories.

RACIAL PAY COMPARISONS ACTUAL MACHINES WA’s average wage is $24,000 while in Queensland and the NT the average is $21K.

In Western Australia and the ACT, median wages are lower in comparison to other parts, particularly in the southern and western regions.


Here’s a list of employers in WA who are paying the highest average pay.

Employers in WA Pay Average Salaries ACTUAL MAJOR EMPLOYERS IN WA PAY GROSS MEASUREMENT Employers in Western and Central Australia have a median pay of $25.50 per week.

Average pay is higher than most other countries in Australia, and the WA median wage is a whopping 25 times higher than elsewhere in the world.

On average, employers in Western WA are paying just over $27,000 per week, which comes out to just over 10 times the national median salary.

WA employers pay $28,500, which makes it the second highest paid state in Australia behind Queensland.

What employers in Queensland pay per week Average Salary ACTUAL MEASURES WA employers in the Western and central regions average weekly pay of just over 40 times the average for other parts and countries.

We’re only looking at the lowest paying jobs in the WA region, but employers in other areas are paying even more.

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