Which presidential candidate was the most honest?

A lot of people are calling the Pritzker Presidential Press Conference the most dishonest press conference in American history.

This is an article I am writing for the New York Times.

In it, I explain why the press corps has failed to get this one right, and why this year’s Pritzkers’ were not so much an embarrassment to the press as a gift to them.

The story goes like this.

In November, President Joe Biden was in Las Vegas and was asked a question about his record in office.

“I’m going to get out a box of envelopes, I’m going at it from the front, and I’m not going to be able to answer the questions that you’re asking me,” Biden said.

When he was asked what he did to earn the trust of the press, Biden replied, “I try to explain what I’m doing.”

This was, of course, an easy question to answer, because he had a history of doing it.

But when pressed, Biden refused to answer.

Instead, he answered with the answer you have read below.

Biden answered, “There was a time when I was going around saying, ‘What the heck is going on with these emails?’ and they were like, ‘Oh, it’s the Clintons.’

I was like, Oh my god, you’ve got to be kidding.”

Then, Biden added, “And it’s because I was telling the truth, because I didn’t think it was important, and it was like that for a long time.”

The press corps was left wondering why this guy was so open with them.

They were also left wondering how this guy would have gotten away with it, if it wasn’t for the fact that he’s been a public servant his entire adult life.

What is the truth?

First, you need to understand what the word “truth” means.

It is the act of truth itself.

It means, for example, “the truth is the one that does not contradict itself.”

That is, truth is not something that can be found in a book or a newspaper or an academic paper.

Truth is the absence of truth.

And that’s what happened with this latest press conference.

Biden’s statement was not “the lie.”

It was the truth.

That’s the one thing that Biden did not tell.

The press corps did not hear the truth about his administration’s conduct.

Biden did tell it.

And the press got it.

The truth is that Biden lied.

This time, the press also got it wrong.

Here is what the PVP was not telling the press: The truth about Biden’s presidency is that it has been an administration of chaos.

It has been filled with corruption, incompetence, and dishonesty.

Biden has been accused of lying about the size of his inauguration crowd, for instance.

But he has not.

He has not even been accused in court of lying, because the FBI investigation was closed.

But this is the point: the press is now so focused on the lies of Trump and his supporters that it is not even looking at the lies that have been told in the administration of Biden.

That is, Biden lied, and the press did not believe it.

Biden lied about the number of inauguration guests and whether he told the truth in telling them.

Biden told them the truth and then lied about it again.

It did not matter.

Biden was never charged with lying.

He was never punished for it.

He had nothing to do with the truth-telling.

He did not need to.

Biden is an honorable man who deserves the benefit of the doubt.

He should be praised for it, but not given the credit for it himself.

The media did not get it.

They did not see the lies.

They do not understand what it is that lies do.

So what does this mean?

In a nutshell, the news media are in a terrible bind.

They have two choices.

They can try to correct the record or they can try and hide behind a false equivalence.

The first choice, as we all know, is a bad one.

The second choice is a good one.

If they are not trying to correct it, they have no choice but to continue with the lie.

If they are trying to hide behind equivalence, they need to do something about it.

If you are a journalist, the answer to your question is not to ignore it.

You should not just ignore it because it does not fit your narrative.

The answer is to acknowledge it, to report it, and to write about it because you are doing your job.

You might say, “But the truth is always bigger than the lies.”

But that’s not what the media should be doing.

They should be trying to report the truth so they can correct the lies, and they should be reporting the truth as much as they can.

They cannot be silent.

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