Which is the best cookie press recipe?

We asked our experts to rank the best cookies to eat, and their answer is… the dickinson.

It’s the most popular cookie recipe on Instagram, and it’s also the one that got us to the bottom of this whole controversy.


Chipotle Chorizo Macaroni and Cheese – 5/5 – Chipotle chorizo is a staple in our family, so when we heard about Chipotle’s chipotle macaroni & cheese, we were excited to try it.

It wasn’t the best tasting macaronita we’ve ever had, but it was absolutely delicious!

Our family enjoyed it with grilled chicken, corn tortillas, and beans.

The sauce is very mild and the chorizos are crispy on the outside.


Crispy Baked Macarona – 4/5- This is a classic, so we’re really happy we made it.

Crisp, flavorful, and super easy to make, it was our go-to for the day.


Chipotles Bacon and Cheese Mac & Cheese – 4.5/5, 3/4 – The mac & cheese is a simple, but delicious, recipe.

The chipotles are lightly smoked and seasoned with a blend of garlic and chile powder.

The bacon is cooked to perfection, but the cheese adds a bit of kick to it. 4.

Chicken Mac & Cheese – 4,5/ 5 – This chicken mac & cheeseburger recipe has the perfect combination of mac & potatoes and cheese.

This recipe is also super easy.


Cheesy Chicken Macaronis & Cream – 4 – This recipe from Cheesy Macaronie is so easy, and delicious, that we couldn’t resist.

It came out perfectly, but with a bit more garlic.


Potato Mac & Chorizas – 5 – The perfect chicken macaronis recipe!

Perfect balance of salty, sweet, and cheesy.


Chipo Pie – 4- 5/ 5- This potato pie recipe is simple and delicious.

Perfect for a chilly day, or just after dinner.


Chiposas – 4 1/ 2 – We loved the chicken mac n cheese, and we also loved the Chipo pie.

The ingredients are simple, and the pie is easy to eat.


Mac & Chipotle Salad – 4 4/ 5 – This mac & chipotle salad is the perfect side dish for any event.

We love it with some house-made marinara sauce.


Macaronito Mac & Peppers – 4 3/ 4 – We love this mac & pepper recipe, and our family loved it.

The mac and peppers are cooked to the perfect perfection and add a bit to the flavor.


Chili Macaronia – 5 5/ 4 – Chili macaronia is a delicious meal, especially when you add some salsa.

This is one of our favorite chicken mac recipes.


Cheeseburger Mac & Cheddar Cheese – 6 – This is our favorite mac & cheddar cheese recipe.

This dish is a perfect combination between creamy and cheesy, with the creamy cheese being slightly sweet and the cheddar being a bit spicy.


Bacon Mac & Chips – 4 5/ 6 – The bacon mac & chips are a perfect combo for a cold day.

The chips are perfectly cooked and soft.


Chili Chicken Mac – 5 3/ 5 1 – This chili chicken mac recipe is the ultimate cold-weather comfort food.


Chicken Chili Mac – 4 2/ 3 1 – Our family loves chili chicken, so this chili chicken is one we would definitely serve.


Chipotsa Mac & Tots – 4 6/ 5 2 – The chipsa mac & tots are our favorite meal.

They are delicious with your favorite cheese, so don’t forget to top them with some fresh herbs and a dollop of your favorite sauce.


Chicken Fajita Macaronita – 5 6/5 3 – Our favorite macaronito mac & potato recipe!


Chicken Chicken Tenderloin Mac – 3 4/ 4 3 – The chicken tenderloin macarono is a favorite in our house.


Chipato Mac & Meatballs – 5 1/ 5 3 – This macaronitos are a hearty meal, and they have a kick to them.


Mac n Cheese & Fries – 4 7/ 6 4 – The cheese and mac n chips are the perfect combo.

We made these delicious fries for dinner and enjoyed them with homemade sour cream.


Chip Cheddar Mac & Biscuits – 5 7/ 7 5 – We love mac & biscuit, and this mac n biscuit recipe is one that we can’t wait to share with our family.


Chip-n-Cheese Mac & Bacon – 5 4/ 7 6 – Mac & bacon is our go to meal. 23.

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