When does the US government have the power to shoot down planes in a drone strike?

As the president of the United States makes his way to Las Vegas to hold a news conference on the Delta Drill, the president has made it clear that the Pentagon is going to keep the power of lethal force in the hands of the military. 

In a video released on Friday, Trump said the military would “keep the power, and it’ll be our will and our ability to do it.” 

In the video, the commander-in-chief also referenced his executive order banning transgender people from serving in the military, but did not say what it would entail. 

Trump is also slated to hold an emergency press conference with the families of fallen service members on Sunday. 

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of the Philippines,” Trump said.

“We are also with the American people who feel our military is in a tough spot. 

But we will have no choice, and we’ll get it done.”

 The White House did not respond to a request for comment.

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