Twitter to allow cryptocurrency trading on the platform

The social media platform will soon allow users to trade cryptocurrency for other currencies, allowing them to make quick trades without worrying about fees.

Users can now trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, as well as Dash, which has surged in value in recent days.

The company’s announcement on Tuesday said that users can now use a Bitcoin debit card and a Bitcoin credit card for cryptocurrency trading, allowing for quick trades.

The new feature allows users to open a trading account with a bitcoin debit card.

For Litecoin and Bitcoin, users can open a Litecoin debit card, but they can also open a Bitcoin one, with the option to switch between the two if they prefer.

Users will have to log in with their Twitter account to trade cryptocurrencies, and the platform is still looking for a way to handle the cryptocurrency trading for businesses.

Users will have the option of using their mobile phone for the trade and then turning off their phone to open their account.

There are also plans for a bitcoin and Litecoins trading option for businesses, the company said.

This is just the beginning, as Twitter continues to roll out more features for its platform.

Earlier this week, the social media giant announced that it will be adding additional support for new cryptocurrencies.

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