Trump slams ‘disgraceful’ press briefing

President Donald Trump lashed out at the media for his press briefing this morning, calling the press “disgraced” and claiming they “are going crazy” and “not allowed in.”

Trump said that he was “totally against” the media and the briefing “is disgraceful.”

Trump did not specifically say which outlets were being “disgusted” by the briefing, but he implied that the media is “really not allowed in” the White House.

“They are not allowed to be in the briefing room,” he said.

“And frankly, they are not going to get in.”

He said the briefing is being held behind closed doors and that it’s “just a waste of time.”

Trump also said that the press is “the enemy of the American people.”

“The press has been a disaster for a long time,” Trump said.

He said he is “not happy” with the way the press has covered his presidency.

“The media has not been fair to me,” Trump told reporters.

“I would like to thank them and thank you.

They have no respect for me. “

It is the enemy.

They have no respect for me.

They don’t have respect for my country.

They are the enemy.”

Trump has repeatedly said that his administration will fight the media.

But he’s been far less direct about how it plans to fight back.

“There will be no press conferences,” Trump promised.

“We have no plans to do so.”

The president also appeared to lash out at NBC’s Lester Holt, who he said was the “disrespectful” interviewer.

“Lester Holt, you’re not allowed,” Trump shot back.

He also mocked the media’s coverage of his administration.

“How many times have I been wrong?”

Trump said, adding, “You are the disrespecting the president.”

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