The ‘Pizza Express’ is about to open in Montrose Daily Press

MONROE, Ohio (AP) It’s a pizza chain that’s built a reputation for serving the freshest, best and most expensive pizzas on the planet.

Now it’s about to start serving them in a new daily paper, and the press is buzzing.

On Thursday, the Portland Press Herald is opening its doors to the public and announcing it is taking over the paper’s print-only slot.

The paper, owned by The Oregonian newspaper chain, will open on Saturday with a regular Sunday edition.

The paper will be part of the daily Oregonian section, which will be available online and on mobile phones.

PizzaExpress will bring in local and national pizza, salads, sandwiches and other entrees, as well as a full line of pizza-related merchandise.

The chain will be a fixture in Portland and beyond.

Preston, Oregon, has a population of around 4,000, with the Portland area boasting a population exceeding 4 million.

Its most recent census counted 4,871 people as being “pizza eaters.”

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