“The Oregon Press Herald” will not air “The Ohio Press Herald’s” coverage of the Oregon wildfires

The Oregon Press, the Oregonian and other newspapers will not run stories about the Oregon wildfire.

“The Press Herald of Oregon” will run stories on the state of Oregon, Gov.

Kate Brown, President Donald Trump and the Oregon Fire Authority, the Press Herald announced Friday.

The news was announced in a news release from the Press Council, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit group that represents press organizations.

The press council, along with the American Press Institute, has been critical of the coverage in recent weeks.

The Oregonian has been reporting on the Oregon fire for weeks, as well as the death of journalist Greg Bretzing, who died after a fall from his roof in the state in January.

The News & Morning News in Oregon and the Daily Press in Oregon have also reported on the fire.

A newscast on the press council website states that the decision was made after “considering the significant impact on the publics health and well-being of the press.”

The news release goes on to say that the press is not in the business of “reporting on newsworthy events,” and that “the media are responsible for their coverage of events that are important to the people and the state.”

“The news and media must be held accountable for their reporting,” the statement said.

Brown did not immediately respond to a request for comment Friday.

“This news will affect a lot of Oregonians, and we thank the press for the work they do to inform the public,” the news release said.

“We’re taking the time to work with the Oregon Press Council to address this issue.”

The Oregon fire has forced many people to flee their homes.

Brown announced Friday that she would use her executive authority to declare a state of emergency.

She said that the order will allow the state to use a combination of resources to address the state’s natural and human-caused disasters.

In a statement, Brown called the press release “unprofessional and unprofessionalistic.”

Brown said that she is committed to using the emergency declaration powers to help Oregon communities and businesses recover from the wildfires.

“There is no better time to use emergency authority to help us recover from this devastating natural disaster,” she said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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