The first ever press conference from the US President, Trump, has been postponed due to ‘medical reasons’

President Donald Trump is facing “medical reasons” after being treated in the Oval Office for pneumonia, his team said.

The White House said in a statement Mr Trump was “well and being well” on Wednesday and that the president had “been well and doing well since his return”.

“While the president remains alert, he is also receiving medical care for some of his other ailments,” the statement said.

“The president is in a very active and comfortable condition.

We will continue to update the American people and all those in the media as soon as the president is able to return to work.”

Mr Trump, who was treated at his New Jersey golf club, was briefly seen in a hospital bed on Wednesday, wearing a mask and goggles, as his wife Melania was seen on a flight back to the White House from New York on Tuesday night.

In a tweet later that night, Mr Trump said: “Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

I appreciate all of the thoughts and support.”

He said he had a fever, but said: “[I] am feeling much better and I look forward to being home for Christmas.”

The Whitehouse said the president would continue to receive care for a respiratory condition.

The president’s health has been a source of political controversy since his election victory.

He was diagnosed with pneumonia last month, which has led to calls for his resignation.

In his first televised press conference in January, Mr Trudeau also took a call from Mr Trump.

“I appreciate the support and love from the American People, but as you know, there is always an element of risk when you’re President,” Mr Trudeau said.

His team did not respond to a request for comment on Wednesday.

Mr Trump’s staff also released a statement saying the president was in a “stable and stable condition” and “continuing to work closely with his team to help them through this difficult time”.

‘It’s been a long road’ The White house has previously described the pneumonia diagnosis as “the first of many” he is facing.

In March, Mr President told reporters: “We’re doing well, we’re doing fine, and it’s been an absolutely wonderful couple of days.”

Mr Trudeau told reporters he was looking forward to “the rest of the week”.

In March he also told reporters that Mr Trump “did very well” during a recent visit to New Jersey, which he said was “very good for a president of the United States”.

“It’s not unusual for presidents to be in a state of great surprise, but it’s a new one for us as Canadians,” Mr Trump told reporters at the time.

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