The Best Video Game Trailer Is Now Available to Stream on Twitch

Posted October 26, 2018 07:20:56 The best video game trailers have arrived in a big way.

Now, Twitch has a new way to get you pumped up to watch your favorite video games in HD.

The company has partnered with Veritas to offer viewers the opportunity to watch trailers on Twitch in a few different ways.

The first is the official trailer, which can be viewed in the video player of the game, or via the Twitch app.

The trailer is shown in HD and the player will play it at 60 frames per second, which will make it look like the original video game trailer.

The second is the video from the game trailer, in which the player can listen to a recording of the voice actors speaking the lines.

This will help to recreate the atmosphere of the trailer and give it more authenticity.

The third way to watch a trailer is via Twitch’s website.

This allows viewers to watch the trailer without having to go through a website, and the video is shown on the website without a title bar.

Veritas’ official trailer can be watched here: A special shoutout to’s video creators, Twitch’s community and all the amazing people who make this possible!

We’ll be watching your videos and helping to make the platform better for everyone.

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