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By Amy M. NelsonPosted August 10, 2019 08:19:17President Trump’s administration is considering banning the purchase of items from retailers like Walmart and Target, the latest move to crack down on consumer activism.

The White House announced Wednesday that it would consider a ban on the sale of certain items from these retailers in the coming weeks.

It’s unclear what the ban would look like, but Walmart has said it would prohibit sales of products that it sells at its U.S. stores.

The retail giant’s chief executive, Doug McMillon, told reporters at a press briefing that the company is reviewing the proposal.

“We have not made a final decision,” McMillon said.

“We will look into it very closely and make sure it’s right.”

The White Times reported last month that Trump’s proposed executive order would ban any products that are advertised on Walmart’s website, and would prohibit the sale and purchase of products at Target.

Trump has made similar moves against Wal-Mart in the past, and he has repeatedly said that he intends to move aggressively to cut off access to Walmart and other retailers in order to keep wages down and keep consumers from taking to the streets.

In addition to Walmart, the White House proposed a ban in January on the use of food stamps and food banks in the U.K. and Germany.

A spokesman for the Trump administration declined to say how many items would be affected by the proposed ban.

But McMillon noted that “we are not trying to shut down Wal-mart.

We are not shutting down Walmart,” adding that “they are going to be hurting and they will be hurt by this.”

The proposal from the White Houses Office of Management and Budget is not the first time that the administration has sought to crack at Walmart.

In February, the department announced a new initiative to combat homelessness, but it did not specify how the administration planned to go about doing so.

The plan called for $1.3 billion in grants for the homeless community to be used by the federal government.

The department did not respond to requests for comment.

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