India to buy more diesel and petrol to ease pressure on power supply

A few days after a major coal mine in the state of Andhra Pradesh was shut down, the government is buying diesel and gasoline.

According to the Press Council of India (PCI), the government will purchase over 2,000 units of diesel and over 300 units of petrol in the coming weeks.

The purchase is part of the government’s efforts to reduce power supply to the country’s cities and the power sector has been struggling to cope with the shortage of fuel due to a shortage of power plants.

India’s diesel crisisThe coal shortage has affected many sectors of the economy.

In May, for example, power generation for industries including cement production fell by 3.4% due to the shortage, according to the PCI.

The power sector in India is suffering from a supply and demand crisis as the country is running out of coal.

This has been exacerbated by the recent coal shortage in several states, including Andhra, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal, as well as in Maharashtra.

The problem is exacerbated by a shortage in power plants due to coal imports from China.

According to the Indian government, the import of coal is estimated to be around USD 100 billion annually, of which USD 2.2 billion is imported through its Ministry of Power.

The government has also promised to import more coal to meet demand.

But the coal imports have not gone as planned.

In September, the state government announced that coal imports would be suspended in April due to “unfavourable weather conditions”.

This has made the situation even worse, as coal imports are currently being held up due to poor weather conditions, especially in the states of Andamans and Odisha, and in the south-eastern states of Kerala and Karnataka.

The coal import suspension was also a blow to the power generation industry, as the government said it would purchase about 2,500 units of fuel a month for the coming months.

According the PCIA, this is the largest coal import order in the last 10 years, with the order valued at USD 1.45 billion.

The order also includes a total of 638,000 tonnes of coal from West Bengal and Kerala, with a further 1,600 tonnes being bought from Andhra.

Accordingly, India’s power sector is experiencing a crisis, with fuel prices going up and coal imports being delayed.

This comes after several months of increasing demand due to falling demand from the coal industry.

According the World Bank, India has the world’s second-largest coal-fired power generation capacity at about 7,500 megawatts.

In April, the Centre announced a scheme to invest around USD 1 billion in coal-related infrastructure projects.

The scheme aims to build a number of coal-based power plants in the country and invest in coal mines to produce fuel for electric vehicles.

The coal mining sector has also been hit by the coal shortage, with prices going down.

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