‘I thought he was going to kill me’: How to deal with an angry mother-of-two

When a young mother was told by a police officer she had the wrong man in custody, she was stunned by the response from the officer and her daughter.

The officer told the mom she was a ‘whore,’ and that her daughter’s father had been convicted of rape.

The woman had no idea what she was in for, and soon her daughter and the other woman were on the run.

Now, the mother has a new weapon in her arsenal: a restraining order against the officer.

Cristina Gomes, 25, is a former restaurant waitress who moved to Florida with her boyfriend, Adam.

He works for a company that provides health insurance.

They are trying to get their finances in order and have a small home, but they are not sure if they can afford to live there.

In August, Gomes went to police to report that Adam was harassing her.

The police officer told her that the man had been arrested and that she was trespassing.

Gomes went through the police report and discovered that Adam had been charged with raping her on two separate occasions.

Adam, however, was charged with one of the assaults and the rest of the charges were dropped.

Gomes says she was surprised to learn that Adam could have been convicted for both crimes.

Adam was a drug addict, and he didn’t know how to deal drugs and he had no respect for authority.

So he grabbed her by the throat and raped her, Goms told CNN.

“He just started making the girl cry and tell her he loves her,” Gomes said.

“She said she was scared.

I just didn’t have a choice. “

I was so afraid of him.

I just didn’t have a choice.

She was just so afraid.”

Gores says that when Adam was arrested, he was angry that she had not gone to the police station and reported the assault.

The cops told her they were not allowed to tell people what to do with their personal information.

They told her to report it to the prosecutor, who would handle it.

Goms says that the prosecutor told her Adam had a restraining plan in place against her, but that she needed to wait to file it.

She says she did not file the restraining order until a few days later.

The police officer who arrested her later called her at work to apologize.

She filed a complaint with the police department, and police found out about the restraining plan.

A few days after Gomes filed the restraining notice, Adam walked into her home and told her he had been waiting for her.

Gomena says she told Adam he was breaking into her apartment, and the two began arguing.

Gomea says Adam pushed her, and Gomes tried to break free.

She told him he could go.

Adam told her the restraining was not valid and that he would kill her.

But Adam was determined to protect his daughter.

He called 911 and tried to calm her down, Gomenas said.

Adam called Gomes a whore.

Gommas was shocked.

Adam had told her his daughter was pregnant.

He wanted to take her to his mother’s house, she said.

GOMES: He told me to get my baby, she told me, I’m going to go to jail.

Adam was angry, she recalled.

I’m not going to let him do this to my daughter.

Adam then grabbed her neck and started dragging her to the back bedroom.

Adam grabbed her arm and started choking her, she remembered.

I was afraid.

Adam threatened to kill her, he said, and told me I was going crazy.

She said her son called the police and said they were looking for him.

When the police arrived, Gomeas was arrested for violating a restraining orders, according to a police report.

She is currently facing charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, criminal mischief, and false imprisonment.

WATCH: Mom who accused police officer of rape says she’s never been more scared for her daughter: Adam and Gomma have now met twice.

They spoke on the phone a few times and have talked through texts and phone calls.

Goma said she still doesn’t understand why Adam would do something like this.

On one call, Adam called his mother and said he needed her to call the police.

Gomas said she told him that she didn’t want to make the call because she didn, and that’s when Adam threatened her again.

Adam said he was in a rage because Goma had lied about the incident with the prosecutor and she was afraid to call 911.

Gomas said she asked Adam to stop calling her, because she did want to talk to him.

Adam asked Goma if she wanted to call her mother, and they agreed.

Adam and Goma met again on the same

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