How to Watch the ‘WWE Hall of Famer’ and his ‘Hip Hop Legend’ at the 2018 Grammy Awards

The NBA Hall of Fame announced Monday that Wu-Tang Clan member Cilvaringz will host the 2018 Grammys on Feb. 7, 2018, and it’s a huge deal, especially because the show has never been hosted by a rapper, artist, or group of artists in its history.

Wu-Daz is currently the youngest inductee in the Hall’s history, having won the prestigious Grammy Award for Best Rap Album in 1989.

Cilvaresz will present his two-hour special with guests Cilva and The-Dream, as well as the Wu-Catchers, with Wu-Tha Brother, The-Cure, and others on stage, and will also present a variety of hip-hop classics, including Nas, Rakim, Kanye West, Biggie Smalls, and many more.

“I can’t thank CilVaringz enough for all he has done for our artists and for our community,” said Wu-Beatles lead singer/guitarist Pharrell Williams in a statement.

“As a rapper who grew up listening to hip-hoppers like Wu-Sis and The Roots, I have known Cil from the day he started his career.

His contribution to hip hop history will be an amazing highlight of the show.

Cil Varingz is the greatest rap artist of our generation and I can’t wait to share the music and the history of this great group with the world.”

In 2018, Cilvin and TheCure will perform at the Grammys, and they will be joined by former R&B star Drake, actor John Legend, and hip-poppers Drake, Future, Future 2, and DJ Quik, who will perform a rap-influenced rendition of “F*ck It.”

The event will also include a tribute performance by rapper T.I.C. and a Q&A session with “Hip-Hop Legend” and former WWE Hall of Famers The Miz and Roman Reigns.

Tickets for the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards will go on sale this Friday, Feb. 3.

The MTV Video Awards will air on Monday, Feb, 7 at 8 p.m.


Tickets will go for $99 at Ticketmaster and the Internet-only sale will start at 11:59 p.b.m., and can be purchased at, or the MTVVASA website.

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