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PBS is pleased to present “Kitchensaid,” a new documentary from “The Home Team,” a PBS series that examines the life and legacy of Julia Tuttle, a legendary chef whose work has shaped the restaurant world for nearly two centuries.

This is the first PBS documentary to feature Julia Tutle.

We’re excited to showcase the extraordinary story of Julia, and our mission is to bring the stories of these incredible people to life.

Julia Tutler, who died on January 25, 1981, was an iconic figure in American food and food culture, and her influence will be felt throughout the years.

In her final years, Julia had been hospitalized for heart problems and chronic arthritis, but her spirit and legacy will live on through the work of those who came before her.

We are thrilled to bring Julia Tutles story to life, and hope you’ll join us for this special PBS presentation.

Julia’s legacy continues to inspire many of us to cook, create, and celebrate food.

“Kitchnaid” features interviews with Julia Tutrell, the chef who created the signature “Kitch” dish at her beloved Greenwich Village restaurant, “Kit.”

Julia also worked at the famed Manhattan location of the famous La Belle Vie, which she called home for two decades, and she and her husband built the first New York City-themed restaurant in 1972, “La Belle Vie Café.”

Julia Tutsel served as executive chef of La Belle Vie Café from 1981 to 1995.

Julia served as Executive Chef of La Belle Vie Café from 1996 to 2003, and served as Chef de Cuisine of La Vie Café for the last seven years of her life.

We’ll also have a Q&A with Julia’s son, Andrew, who’s also the Executive Chef.

“The Kitchen” was a PBS production that premiered on April 18, 2014, and aired for the first time on March 26, 2019.

The “Kit” story began when Julia’s brother, George, took over the family business and created a place called “The Kit” that became a cultural phenomenon in Greenwich Village.

Julia, the first and only cook to receive the title “Kit,” became the face of the “Kit’s” and was named “Kit Chef” by the Village Voice.

She was a fixture at the restaurant where she started her career and still hosts a weekly “Kit Talk” on PBS.

Julia also was the first person to cook at the New York Times best-selling cookbook, “The Art of French Cooking.”

Julia passed away on January 26, 1981 at age 86.

Her son Andrew is a restaurant owner, chef, and writer who was the founding owner and director of “TheKitchen” and co-founder of “PBS Kitchen.”

We’ll be joined by Julia Tutliers grandson, Andrew Tutler.

We hope you will join us on April 26, 2020 to share the history of Julia and Julia’s Kitchen, as well as her legacy as a great foodie.

Julia was a member of the American Society of Home Cooks, the International Home Cook Association, and the National Home Cooking Association.

Julia passed in 2017.

Her legacy will continue to inspire the culinary community and to enrich the world of food.

To learn more about Julia and her work, visit Julia’s website at and to purchase the PBS series, “Home Team: The KitchenAid Legacy,” visit

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