If you’re going to use a juicer, you need to press it, says Martha McAllister, the founder and executive editor of the blog, Easy Press.

She also owns a juicing company called EasyPress, which sells press boxes that are perfect for juicing fruits and vegetables.

“It’s not just a matter of ‘do this’ or ‘do that,’ ” McAllisters says.

You want to do it with the right juicer.

“Press is one of the hardest things to learn,” she says.

McAlliers tips: You don’t want to use an all-in-one juicer like the new SmartPress Mini.

Instead, try one of those disposable juicer pods, which can also be used for making smoothies.

Read more: The perfect juicer for kids, parents: How to make the perfect blender | Tips for setting up a juicer on your kitchen counter | How to add a splash of lemon juice to your coffee or tea Pressing juiceries is important, she says, because the more you press them, the stronger the juicelers get.

“When you press, the pressure will build and then you’ll start to feel the juice start to break down,” she explains.

The pressure can build even higher if you have a pressurized water or soda machine.

McAllisters also advises that you press juicer after juicer if you want a thicker, smoother fruit or vegetable.

“A lot of people don’t press juices well enough, so they don’t get that full-bodied fruit or vegetables,” she advises.

A better juicer might also help you avoid damaging the juicer press.

“I don’t recommend the juicing press unless you are using it for a really big batch,” McAlls says.

“Then you’re probably not going to get any juice.”

The Perfect Juicer For Kids A juicer can help kids learn about fruit and vegetables and how to make them, she adds.

In the case of kids, you want to make sure the juice press can handle a large amount of fruit or veggies, as well.

McEachisters recommends the SmartPress mini, which has a press that’s perfect for kids and a push button juicer that can handle fruit and veggies up to 1 pound (240 grams).

She also recommends the Easy Press Mini, which uses a push press and juicer instead of a press and pressurized liquid.

More: How do you press the juiced fruit in a press box?

The Easy Press mini is available now for $39.99 at Amazon, Target and Walmart.

The SmartPress can be ordered through Amazon and Target.

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