How to listen to the BBC press release in full

The BBC has announced that it will stream a special podcast of its coverage of the 2017 FIFA World Cup in the US and the 2018 World Cup, starting on Thursday and running through Sunday.

The programme, entitled The BBC’s World Cup coverage, will feature interviews, commentary and analysis of the matches and the media coverage from around the world.

It will also include a series of live chats, including with former Liverpool and Manchester United players.

This is a significant step forward for the BBC as it aims to get more of its live coverage online, and with this, it is going to be a great platform for the fans to follow it live on the BBC. 

“The BBC is committed to providing a range of new and exciting content to fans worldwide,” said the BBC Media Head of Programming, David Bailey.

“This new partnership with BBC America, which has been around since 2014, is the perfect platform for us to continue to deliver these high quality programmes on a worldwide basis.”

The BBC will also be offering a new podcast that will feature guests from around its network of studios and studios in the United States and Europe. 

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