Heat Press Machine’s new LP ‘Masters of Reality’ drops on Friday 1 January, vinyl edition says

ST PETERSBURG, Russia (AP) A record label that has become a major player in the music industry says it will release a new album on vinyl on Friday.

Heat Press Media says the new LP, entitled Masters of Reality, will be released on vinyl by Atlantic Records and that it will be available at select stores on Friday in its hometown of St Petersburg.

The label was founded in 2016 by Russian musician Sergei Stenkov.

Its albums have been a mainstay in Russia and elsewhere, and it has been a major force in the country’s independent music scene, attracting the attention of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Heat press, which is based in Moscow, has also released a series of live albums by musicians such as Mikhail Gaborov and Natalya Sovetskaya.

The LP is expected to be the band’s final album.

Stenov said in an interview with Russian radio station Ekho Moskvy in January that he was leaving Heat Press to focus on a solo career.

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