Giuliani: ‘We have been treated like criminals’ by US press coverage

Giuliana Battista, the former Italian prime minister, was speaking during a joint press conference with US President Donald Trump, as he launched a renewed push for the return of the US-Italy treaty.

“We are the only two countries left in the world which still have not signed the treaty,” he said.

“In fact, we have been the only ones to refuse to sign it.”

In fact we were forced to sign the treaty before the US left.

“This is the reason why we want to return it.

It is our right.”

Mr Trump had previously said he had spoken to Ms Battista to express his “fear” of the treaty’s return.

The US President said he would be willing to sign a “frozen” version of the pact, as the US “is very close to being able to negotiate” the treaty with its allies.

But Ms Battistas response to Mr Trump’s offer to renegotiate the treaty was harsh.

“I am the prime minister of Italy and we are going to renegotiating the treaty, but it’s the first time we are asking for a freezing,” she said.

“You have already done this in the past, we can’t negotiate the treaty now.”

Ms Battista said the US would seek to renegotiates the treaty “once and for all”.

“They don’t have to negotiate.

They have to sign,” she added.”

We will do whatever it takes to have this treaty, to be in good health, to have our businesses here and we will negotiate for the best possible outcome.”

Mr Battista is the first head of state to publicly call for a return to the treaty after it was signed in 1953, but the process of the return has been delayed by US pressure.

The treaty was signed by the leaders of Italy, France, the UK, Germany and the US in a secret ceremony in the Oval Office, marking the end of the cold war.

It was the first formal bilateral treaty in the 20th century, with the US providing a guarantee that any future Italian government would not challenge the rights of Italian citizens under the treaty.

Ms Battistas predecessor, Paolo Gentiloni, signed the pact with the backing of the UK and the French, but he later resigned over the treaty being seen as too weak.

The deal was signed after a historic Cold War, when the US and the Soviet Union fought to control the world’s vast oil reserves, while Italy and France sought to boost their economies in the post-war era.

The last time a bilateral treaty was concluded was in 1990, when former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi signed a treaty with the then US President Ronald Reagan, with both countries seeking to join the World Trade Organization.

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