Canadian PM defends Canada’s anti-terror laws as the nation’s PM defends them as ‘reasonable’

Canada’s Prime Minister has defended the countrys anti-terrorism laws, which he said were “reasonable”.

In a statement, Mr. Trudeau said Canada is “working to make our law-enforcement system more transparent and effective”, adding that the legislation will ensure that “the information that law-abiding Canadians share is protected”.

“It is important to note that the laws in Canada are not perfect, and the use of such information is not always appropriate.

But we are taking these laws seriously and we have to do everything we can to keep Canadians safe,” he said.

The statement from Mr. Trump was the first by a US president to call for greater oversight of Canadian law enforcement and counterterrorism operations.

The Canadian Press has reached out to Mr. Obama’s office for comment on Mr. Putin’s remarks.

In a previous statement, the US president said “our security is dependent on strong and reliable relationships with key allies.

I am pleased to see Canada is doing the right thing by its citizens, by our troops, and by our intelligence professionals.”

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