Bristol mugshots: ‘The most dangerous place in the world’

BIRMINGHAM, England – The mugshots that have been released by Bristol Police have revealed the most dangerous places in the UK, according to a new report by the National Institute of Justice.

The report, released on Thursday, examined crime statistics from England and Wales for 2014 and 2015.

In total, 4,069 people were arrested for offences related to terrorism.

Of those, 2,938 were arrested in England and in the United Kingdom, while 1,732 were arrested overseas.

For every 1,000 people arrested, 636 people were imprisoned, while for every 1 million people arrested the figure jumped to 15,826.

A total of 4,726 people were convicted of terrorism-related offences.

Overall, police made 1,636,527 arrests and 4,958,979 convictions between the years 2014 and the end of the year.

There were 2,734,891 convictions for crimes related to organised crime and 2,811,813 for crimes involving violence against women.

Despite this, the NIJ said the report shows that many areas of the UK continue to be at risk.

“These figures show that the number of people who are arrested and jailed in the country is still far higher than in any other part of the world,” said Paul Dolan, head of policing at the Nijmegen-based research organisation.

Police chiefs have warned that violent crime is still at a record high and are worried about the impact on their communities.

At the beginning of the week, police officers in Bristol were given a task force to address the rising level of crime.

This included the deployment of extra officers and more specialist equipment, as well as the introduction of CCTV cameras.

But Mr Dolan said he was “disappointed” by the results.

He said: “I think we’ve come a long way and this report gives some good insight into how police in Bristol are doing to keep communities safe.”

“However, as we are now entering a period of increased political pressure, and the need to address a range of issues in this country, this report needs to be read alongside the evidence of past trends.”

Bristol has been hit by three major terrorist attacks since March, with a knife attack on a bus and an attack on Westminster Bridge.

On March 22, police were called to the St George’s Cross pub on the city’s seafront after a man carrying a knife had attempted to enter the premises.

After being arrested and questioned, he was found to be under the influence of drugs.

And in March, three men were arrested after they entered the home of a local man with an axe in the city centre.

As well as a knife, they were carrying two hand guns and a box cutter.

All three were later charged with armed burglary.

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