Biden: ‘I’m Not Going to Back Off’ on Biden’s Press Conference

President Joe Biden on Wednesday called his vice president “a wonderful person,” adding that he would “fight for you” even if it means not being able to press the buttons of his press secretary.

“I think he’s a wonderful person, he’s an extraordinary person,” Biden said at a White House briefing.

“I’m not going to back off from him.”

“I will fight for you, if that means not having the button press and having that opportunity to press on the press, that is something I’m not backing off from, I’m going to fight for,” he added.

Biden also added that the press has become more adversarial in recent years, saying it has become “a little bit of a problem.”

Biden and his vice presidential running mate, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, have been feuding with reporters over issues like the opioid crisis, the lack of a national health care law and his criticism of the Affordable Care Act.BIDEN: ‘The press has gotten too much’Obamacare is a jokeObamacare’s only real benefit is it makes me sickObamacare has given everyone a health insurance tax and tax breaksObamacare isn’t a good idea, Biden says in his weekly news conferenceThe press got too much of the blame for the crisis, Biden said, and its been “a disaster.”

“The press was so intent on trying to find a way to put an end to the crisis that we didn’t have a plan, and I think we’ve done a lot of damage to the country, to the economy, to our public life,” Biden told reporters.

“The fact that you can’t be a journalist and not be critical of this president, it’s just very frustrating.”BIDENS PROPOSAL: ‘We Don’t Want to Lose Our Future’The Press Corps is dead, Biden told the press.

He says he’s going to take on the news media and get it rightThe press corps is dead.

It’s over, Biden declared.

He said he would take on “the press” and get the American people “right.”

Bidens administration is “getting better at it,” he said.

The media is not being fair to us and they’re not being honest with us.

The press is a major obstacle to our success, Biden added.

But Biden did not give a specific reason for his announcement.

Biden said he wanted to get back to the issue of “the media,” which he said “is really a big part of our future.”

He also said the press is “a major obstacle” to his administration’s agenda.

The press can’t get away with what they do and the press gets rewarded for it, Biden explained.

They want to say things and they don’t want to let the president and the vice president speak for themselves, he said, adding that they want to be able to say anything.

Bidences campaign has been plagued by a series of negative press reports about the White House, including his remarks about how he would like to get rid of the press corps.

Biden has previously suggested that the White the press should be banned from covering his administration, a suggestion that has been widely criticized.

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